Summer Math for Incoming Fifth Graders

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Children typically forget some of what they learned during the school year if they don’t engage in bridge activities over the summer. This is particularly true in mathematics. A study by researchers at the University of Missouri shows that on average, students lost about 2.6 months of math learning over the summer. That means classroom teachers spend weeks reviewing math facts and concepts in the first few weeks of school. To give your child a head start next year, the 5th grade team has compiled the following work packet for your child to work on. There are daily activities for your child to complete.  These should take between 10 minutes and 30 minutes a day.  Completing this packet this summer could really benefit your child’s retention of math concepts.

Students can work on this daily, or complete the week on busier days over the summer.  Please do not encourage your child to finish the whole packet at once.  This will not benefit them in the long run.

Although this is an optional activity, we encourage all students to work on skills in this packet to ensure a smooth transition towards 5th grade:  5th_grade_math_packet[1]


We can’t wait to get started,

The 5th grade Team

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