Weekly Overview March 22-March 26


Dear Parents,

Happy Spring!  This is our last week before Spring Break, so we are finishing up our Fractured Fairy tale work in Reading and Writing with a movie viewing of the film, Hoodwinked,  on Friday.  I will provide popcorn and drinks for the students. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a conference to discuss your child’s progress, please contact me via email:  agkrecik@cps.edu.

Reading: We will complete our PowerPoint presentations this week, and students will submit completed PowerPoint presentations to me no later than Friday, March 26.  Students will work in table groups to practice and perform fractured fairy tale scripts this week.

Writing: Students will complete final drafts of original Fractured Fairytales.  Final drafts are due no later than Friday, March 26th.  Students will be allowed to illustrate and publish these stories for their Young Authors books. Other writing options for Young Author books will be discussed this week, and students will be given a deadline for all submissions for Young Authors books.

Math: This week students will complete lessons from Unit 6.  Specifically, students will analyze data and create stem and leaf plots for data.  Students will also practice adding and subtracting more fractions.  We will cover lessons 6.1, 6.3, 6.6, and 6.8.  There will be a short Checking Progress quiz on Thursday.

Science: This week we will develop predictions and organize information in our notebooks for observing an onion.  We will prepare slide three different ways to observe the outer skin to a longitudinal section to a cross section.  The observation will end with an examination of cells on student-prepared slides.

Social Studies: We will study the events leading up to the Revolutionary war in Chapter 9 this week.  Students will take notes in preparation for the test on Thursday.  They can use these notes to help them answer questions for the test.

Spelling: We will continue spelling practice this week.  Please study with your child the spelling words.  The spelling test will be Friday.

Enjoy Spring!

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