Weekly Overview September 16-18

Hello parents and students,

I am THRILLED to be back at it.  I hope you are well.

The important forms that need to be submitted from most students still are:

  1. Emergency Contact form
  2. Media Consent form
  3. Free and Reduced Lunch form
  4. Field trip Request form (I will be sending this form home with your student this Thursday)

The Class fee is $85.  Please send payment with your student.  Please make all checks payable to Ray Elementary school.


This week in Readers Workshop, students will practice new skills that make up the Daily Five.  These are:  Read To Self, Listen to Reading, and Read With Someone.  In addition, students will be introduced to using Thinkmarks as they read so that they may keep track of their thinking as readers.  Finally, I will introduce and model the Reader’s Letter to students.  As I stated at Curriculum night, this is a weekly assignment students will submit to me for a grade.  I will write back to each student and communicate new challenges and suggestions for letters.  Reader’s letters are graded using a rubric.  If you look under the “Rubrics” tab, you can view the Reader’s Response rubric I use.  Thanks!

In Writer’s Workshop, students will be using jot lists to create poems titled, “I’m From”.  

In Math, we will continue to practice our Multiplication tables.  In addition, we will increase our number sense knowledge in identifying factors, learn divisibility rules for numbers.  We will have a Checking Progress quiz Friday.

In Social Studies, students will explore landform regions of the United States.  Students should re-read Chapter 1, Lesson 1 at home to become more familiar with the dense material.  Student will have questions to answer in thier notebooks and a workbook page to do.

Science has begun, and last week students were introduced to the Science notebook.  Students will write down all investigations and submit their notebooks for grading purposes weekly.  This week, we will be creating sunclocks and measuring time based on the sun’s positioning in the sky.

Please see the homework chart below, and remember that I update any changes throughout the week on the chart.

Homework Chart for the week:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math      Study Link 1.3-1.4   Study Link 1.5 Checking Progress Quiz
Writing     Complete Jot Lists in preparation for I’m From poem.    Write your weekend letter to your future self.
Social Studies/Science       Complete Workbook   page 1  
Reading     Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Read for a minimum of 30 minutes and make one Thinkmark:  Tune Into Interesting Words  Read for 60 minutes in your Independent Reading book

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