Weekly Overview September 3-7

This is our first week of the school year, and we will be working on our classroom routines and beginning our curriculum in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Curriculum Night for Ray School is September 6th.  Please join us in the auditorium at 6 pm.  I look forward to meeting all parents and guardians that I have not been acquainted with yet.


ReadingWe will begin to learn the elements of our Reader’s Workshop routines this week (Daily 5, Accelerated Reader, how to check out books from the classroom library, book genres).  Students should be reading a chapter book at home at least 30 minutes nightly.  Students should choose books to read at home that are part of the Accelerated Reader program.

Writing:   We will begin to practice the elements of our Writer’s Workshop this week.  Students will learn how to create Jot Lists and practice writing them for homework.  Over the weekend students will write a “Dear Parent” letter for you to sign and return to me on Monday.

Math:  We will be spending time this week warming up our mathematical brains with a variety of math games and math drills.  Students will begin Unit 1 which requires a recall of basic multiplication facts.  Therefore, please practice multiplication facts at home.  Students will be taking multiplication drills every day to brush up skills.  There will be a timed practice quiz on Friday.

Science:  We will begin our Measuring Time unit this week.  Stay tuned for more information.

Social Studies:  This year we will be studying the History of the United States.  We will begin with an introduction this week, concentrating on Geographic terms and mapping North America and the United States, specifically.  Students will create fictional islands that include geographic landforms (5 terms minimum)– due Monday.



The Class Fee is $85 and it is due ASAP.  I know this seems like a lot of money, but it is used to pay for things like consumable textbooks and office/art supplies for the classroom.  Please, if you are paying by cash, give your child exact change.  I do not have any at school.


If you are applying for the free/reduced lunch program, please submit your paperwork immediately.  This is very important to do so that your child can receive this benefit.


Don’t forget the join the PTA!  Ray’s PTA is such a vital part of our school culture.  Please support it.  There is a registration form in the information packet that you received if you came to Meet, Greet, and Find Your Seat last week.


Extra supplies that would be incredibly helpful for the class room are:  Paper towel, Ziplock Bags, Kleenex, and Hand Sanitizer.  Also, it would be a great idea to outfit your child with a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep at his/her desk.  Thank you!

Homework Chart for the week:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math    Study Link 1.1  Study Link 1.2  Math Journal pages 6-7 Multiplication quiz (timed)
Writing    Personalize your Writer’s Journal Create two jot lists in your journal.  Bring in an important object for Thursday.  Write a new Jot List:  Top 10 Important Events In My Life  Write your weekend letter.
Social Studies/Science          Complete Sketches for Geography–due Monday.
Reading  Read for a minimum of 30 minutes in your Independent Reading book Read for a minimum of 30 minutes in your Independent Reading book Read for a minimum of 30 minutes in your Independent Reading book Read for a minimum of 30 minutes in your Independent Reading book  Read for 60 minutes in your Independent Reading book

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