Weekly Overview January 23-27


Can you believe it’s almost February?  This month is just flying by.  We have begun learning about Fractions in math, have been busy pre-writing for Persuasive essays in Writing, and plugging away in Independent Reading and Guided Reading groups daily.  In addition, our Artist-In-Residence, Meredith, has students beginning a new project in class:  Artist trading cards.  It is really neat.

This reminds me- our class will be attending an afternoon field trip to the Hyde Park Art Center on February 8 in the afternoon (leaving at 12:15 after lunch).  Our class needs 2 chaperones for this trip.  The time spent at the art center will be 1 1/2 hours, plus time to travel to and from the school.  Please email me if you can help out:  agkrecik@cps.edu


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Fractions worksheetMJ page 131 Study Link 4.3 Study Link 4.4 MJ page 138

Weekly Puzzler due

Checking Progress Quiz

Writing   Rough Draft:  Use yellow paper, skip lines, write in pencil, paragraph as you write.   “Ditch your Grabber lead!”  Come up with two new Grabber leads to get your reader’s attention.  Write these on a notecard. None
Social Studies/Science   Chapter 4 Lesson 1 reading and answer Lesson review ?s 1-2 Weekly Workbook page 32. Science:  Making Observations #2:  5-Part investigation due on Monday. None
Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes and make one Thinkmark. Read for a minimum of 30 minutesand make one Thinkmark. Read for a minimum of 30 minutes and make one Thinkmark. Weekend Reading worksheet. None

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