Weekly Overview, Quarantine Edition

With all the time students will spend outside of school and in their homes, I encourage you to create a schoolwork schedule for them.

I have created work, that, if time and effort is put into it daily, should amount to about 2-3 hours a day.  I know that is not as long as the school day, but home is not the school.

Students can access ELA work on Google Classroom.  An invite has already been sent to their school email.  Assignments and instructions are available.  Parents- if you need paper copies, I can send them to your email to print.  Our classroom code for Google Classroom is b5nxsh7

Students can complete Math assignments on Khan Academy.  If a student has forgotten their username, please email me.  Other math options beyond Khan Academy are Khan Mappers to practice NWEA skills or Prodigy (again, I have usernames if students need them).

I will make myself available to respond to email or Dojo between the hours of 10-2.  Please Dojo or email me with any questions you may have.

Thank you and be well,

Ms. Krecik

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