Weekly overview/homework 2/17-2/21

Dear Families:

  • Today is week 3 of Quarter 3 🙂
  • The class fee is $85.  Please remit payment as soon as you can.  This allows us to order class texts, supplies, and pay for online programs.  You can even pay online!   Here is the link: http://rayschool.weebly.com/student-fees.html
  • Don’t forget the join the PTO! Ray’s PTO is  a vital part of our school culture, and your membership will immediately affect your child’s classroom.  The PTO provides funding to classrooms, special programs, as well as field trip supports.  We love out PTO <3
  • Have a wonderful week!

Here is what’s going on in our classroom this week:

Reader’s Workshop–This week, students will complete their 5th grade Daily 5 activities:  Listen To Reading, Word Work, Read To Self, Guided Reading, and Reader’s Response.  This week we will finish our class novel, WONDER, and deepen our thinking with annotations about important lines from the story in a reading strategy we call, :Lift A Line”

Students should be reading AT LEAST 30 active minutes nightly in their selected Independent Reading book.  Students will be required to take a reading quiz after they finish each independent novel.

Writer’s Workshop-This week,  Students will finish researching an important topic in Black History.  Students will use their research to type out a reflection about their BHM topic on Google Docs.

Creative Student projects should begin this week at home.  Students will have any additional time in class to finish up projects once they complete their written research reflections.

Math-In Math, students will continue Unit 5:  this week, students will multiply fraction, create multiplication number stories, and work on equivalent fractions.

Please see below for this week’s homework assignments.

subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Home Link 5-9 Home Link 5-11 Home Link 5-12 Progress Check
 Writing  312, 314, 315 Reflections are due MONDAY.
Reading Read 30-45 minutes and complete reading log assignment.  Read 30-45 minutes and complete reading log assignment.  Read 30-45 minutes and complete reading log assignment.  Read 30-45 minutes and complete reading log assignment. Reading Log due.


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