Weekly Overview September 26-30

Hello Parents of Room 304!  It was a pleasure to meet some of you last Wednesday at Curriculum night.  Please feel free to email me with any concerns you may have during the year.  This week is Picture Day on Thursday, September 29.  Please send your child to school with payment and a selected picture package.

REMINDERS:  Please pay the class fee of $85 ASAP.  We really need Cleaning wipes for the classroom!  Please donate if you can.

ReadingThis week our Daily Five Independent Reading program will really start rolling.  Students have been trained on 4/5 of the program, and they will be building more reading stamina this week.  They will be responsible for writing to me weekly in their Reader’s notebooks.  There is sufficient time in class to do this, although some students may opt to work on this at home, too. Homework:  Students should be reading at home at least 30 minutes nightly and making Thinkmarks to write about their thinking as they read.

Writing:   Students will be starting their first Narratives this week.  Their narratives will be based on one of their Major Moments from their timeline.  We will discuss these topics as they pertain to the craft of writing:  Sequencing your story, creating a good Grabber Lead, and Using Sensory Details to enhance your storytelling.  Homework:  Students will have writing homework in their Writer’s journals on Monday and Wednesday this week.

Math:  We will continue to practice our multiplication facts daily.  Students will work on  Square numbers, Unsquaring Numbers, and Factor Strings/Prime Factorization this week  this week.  Homework:  Study Link 1.7, 1.8,  1.9, and additonal Prime Factorization worksheet supplement.    Checking Progress Quiz on Friday.

Science:  We have begin our unit on Measuring Time some time this week.  For our second investigation, students will create sunclocks and record the movement of the sun as a way to tell time- very cool.

Social Studies:  This week we will continue to take notes in our Social Studies notebooks. Students will read Lesson 4 (pages 30-35) and answer questions.  There will be a Vocabulary Quiz over Lesson 1 and 2 vocabulary on Friday.

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