Weekly Overview/Homework 10/9-10/13


Dear Parents,

  • All students will need a WHITE BOARD MARKER to use for Math Centers.  Please purchase a marker for your child so that they are prepared.
  • The Affy Tapple sale continues this week!  Many parents have told us they need additional order forms – you can download them from the Ray website here or pick up a hard copy in the main office.  Keep up the good work selling individual items or cases!  We will be distributing orders after school on the north playground from 3:45-4:15on 10/24, 10/25, 10/26 and 10/27.  If these dates and/or times are not convenient for you, please contact annerenna@mac.com or 312-730-5883and we can work out alternate arrangements for pick up.  Orders are due this Friday, October 13.  Please Please add your student’s name and homeroom number/teacher name to your order forms, attach a check, and turn them into your student’s teacher or the main office.  Thanks for supporting Ray School!
  • The class fee is $85.  Please remit payment as soon as you can.  This allows us to order class texts, supplies, and pay for online programs.  You can even pay online!
  • Lunch Forms were sent home.  If you have sent your form back thank you very much.  Please complete and return the form, regardless of whether your child will receive lunch or not.  It helps provide state funding for our school.  Thank you.

Here is an overview of what we will be doing this week in our CORE SUBJECTS:

Reader’s Workshop–This week, students will be fully engaged in Daily Five activities.  Students will write their Reader’s Response for a reading assessment grade.  Reader’s Response letters are graded using a Rubric.  Students will meet with me in small guided reading groups to work on reading strategies.  This week’s groups will meet to practice reading strategies that will help them to summarize the text.  Students will highlight and discuss important parts of the text.  In addition, students will complete classwork activities with Word Work and Listen To Reading on Epic Books.

Writer’s Workshop-This week,  students will learn about the six-traits of writing and practice in-class activities centered around each trait.  the traits are:  ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  Students will begin pre-writing activities for their next writing piece:  informational biography.  Students will select a family member to research through interviewing techniques.  This assignment will be modeled in class, but will be take-homework to complete the interview and research.  Interview questions are due on Monday, October 16.

Math-In Math, students will begin Unit 2 with Ms. Wise.  This week, students will review place value, practice writing numbers in exponential notation, and use powers of ten to solve multiplication problems.  Lesson 2-1 to 2-3 will be covered.  there will be a Checking Progress quiz on Friday.


Homework Chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  Home Link 2-1 Home Link 2-2 Home Link 2-3  Checking progress Quiz
 Writing 312, 314, 315  Interview packets due Monday 
Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Record on Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Record on Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Record on Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Record on Reading Log Reading Log is due today.

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