Weekly overview and Homework Chart/Tic Tac Toe board 11/21-11/25

Friday, November 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

  • Our classroom earned 15 golden tickets!  We will have a movie and popcorn incentive party on 11/22 in the afternoon.  Donations of drinks would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  • I hope you and your family have a most excellent Thanksgiving Break.  I think we can all use a break after the combinations of the Super Moon and the election!

Reader’s Workshop–

This week, students will work on Daily 5 activities: Read To Self, Guided Reading, Listen To Reading, and Word Work. Students will also complete work in the Class novel, Wonder.  Tic Tac Toe boards are now digital, and they will be available every week on the class blog.  Please make sure that your child is reading a minimum of 30 minutes nightly from their IR book.  This week, reading logs will not be handed out, s have students record their nightly reading on a sheet of paper to hand in with their Tic Tac Toe work.

TOP 5 Dojos will be waived from Tic Tac Toe work this week :))))))))))

Writer’s Workshop-

This week students will work on creating a new cereal and developing persuasive advertising to influence others to buy it.  Students will begin this project in class on Monday and Tuesday, and they will complete it over Thanksgiving break.


In Math, students will practice adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  Lesson 3-10 will be covered.


This week, students will begin a new unit, Microworlds.  Students will make observations on a penny.

Homework Chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  Home Link 3-10  
Writing  Complete your Persuasive Cereal box over break.
Social Studies/ Science
Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes/ Complete Reading Log/Tic Tac Toe  Read for a minimum of 30 minutes/ Complete Reading Log/Tic Tac Toe Read for a minimum of 30 minutes/ Complete Reading Log/Tic Tac Toe Read for a minimum of 30 minutes’ Complete Reading log/Tic Tac Toe Reading Log/Tic Tac Toe board is due Monday.  Read for a minimum of 30 minutes over the weekend and complete Reading Log.

5TH Grade Tic Tac Toe Assignment:

Choose any 3 activities.  Due Friday.

Create a comic strip of the important plot events that you have read this week from your IR book.  YOur comic strip should have five frames, a caption in each frame, and speech bubbles. Draw a picture of the main character and surround your drawing with 5 words that describe the character.  Then, pick one of those words and explain in 3-5 sentences why that word descries the character.   Make a persuasive poster advertising the book.  Include the title, author, and an exciting picture on your poster!  Your poster should be neat and colorful.
Make a word search with important words, names, and places from the story. Solve it! Make a connection to the story.  Explain your connection in 3-5 sentences. From the story,Wonder, we have learned a little bit more about Via.  Use one word to describe her and defend your word choice by using text details to support it.
Write a letter to the author explaining what you like/dislike about the book they have written. Make a Venn diagram to compare this book to another book that you have read.  How was it similar? How was it different? Write a poem or a song about a character or event in the book.  Poem/song must be at least 8 lines.

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