Weekly overview and Homework chart 9/26-9/30

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Dear Parents,

  • The Class Fee is $85 and it is due ASAP. I know this seems like a lot of money, but it is used to pay for things like consumable textbooks and office/art supplies for the classroom. We are willing to work out a payment plan if you wish.  Please contact the office for more information.  If you have submitted payment already, thanks a bunch.
  • Lunch Forms are due now! If you have sent your form back thank you very much.  Please complete and return the form, regardless of whether your child will receive lunch or not.  It helps provide state funding for our school.  Thank you.
  • Don’t forget the join the PTA! Ray’s PTA is  a vital part of our school culture. Please support it if you can.
  •  Extra supplies that would be incredibly helpful for the class room throughout the year are: Paper towel, Ziplock Bags, Kleenex, Band-aids, and Hand Sanitizer. Also, it would be a great idea to outfit your child with a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep at his/her desk. Thank you!

Here is an overview of what we will be doing this week in our CORE SUBJECTS:

Reader’s Workshop

This week, students will be working on Daily Five centers in Reader’s Workshop.  Students will compose their Reader’s Letter this week.  This letter is in-class work and counts for a Reading Test grade weekly.  Please see the Rubrics tab for a Reader’s Response rubric so you may see how I assess letters.

Students will also work on Daily 5 activities:  Read To Self, Guided Reading, Listen To Reading, and Word Work.  Students will also complete work in the Class novel, Wonder.

Writer’s Workshop-

This week,  students will continue prewriting exercises for the first essay:  Personal Narrative.  Students will select one of their timeline events to construct a rough draft for the Personal Narrative essay.  Students will work through the writing process this week and next to develop, revise, and publish a personal essay.


In Math, students will focus on concepts of volume.  Students will explore many differnet ways to find the volume of rectangular prisms.  Lessons 1.10-1.12 will be covered.  There will be a Unit 1 test on Friday.


This week, students will continue the unit, Measuring Time.  Students will finish their sunclock investigations  and calendars to measure time.  Students will be graded on participation in class, as well as their investigations in their notebooks.  Science notebooks are graded using a rubric.  A copy of the rubric can be found under the Rubrics tab.

Homework Chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Home Link 1.10, MJ page 50  Home Link 1.11 Home Link 1.12 Unit 1 review  Unit 1 test
Writing  Write Long in your Writer’s notebook about one of your timeline moments
Social Studies/ Science  Eastern Woodlands


Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Tic Tac Toe board  Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Tic Tac Toe board

WONDER:  Answer Comprehension questions.

Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Tic Tac Toe board Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Tic Tac Toe board Tic Tac Toe board is due today.

Read for a minimum of 30 minutes over the weekend.

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