Weekly Overview and Homework Chart 3/7-11

Dear Parents,

*WE ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF PENCILS!  If you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated if you could donate pencils to our classroom.  Thanks!

*Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday, March 11.  Please sign and detach the bottom portion and return it to school with your student.

Here is an overview of what we will be doing this week in our CORE SUBJECTS:

Reader’s Workshop

This week, students will complete their tasks in the Daily Five.   Students will use their IR books to guide them through Daily Five weekly.

**Please make sure your child is reading nightly for 30 minutes minimum from one book and bringing that book to and from school as if it were a textbook.  This is an important component of Daily Five and a homework component, along with the Reading Log, comprise 30% of your child’s overall reading grade.

I will work with Guided Reading groups this week.  The purpose of Guided reading is to provide support in reading texts that are more complex, work on vocabulary development, and increase comprehension.  This week students will focus on the reading skill, “Quick Questioning” to investigate inferences we make when we read and comprehend the story.


This week, we will analyze the types of persuasion present in advertising.  Students will pair up with each other to create an advertisement and commercial for a new product they want us to buy.  In addition, students will read from our class novel, WONDER, and respond to comprehension questions.


In Math, students will review Unit 5:  Fractions.   Then, students will take the Unit 5 Test over material on Tuesday and Wednesday.   Then, we will begin Unit 6.  Students will practice multiplying using exponents.  Lessons 6.1-6.2 will be covered.

Social Studies-  Students will continue Chapter 6 this week.  This week, students will learn about the Boston Tea Party and the first battles of the revolution in Lesson 3.  We will read the text, define the vocabulary, and take notes over the lesson.  there will be a Lesson 3 quiz over content on Friday.

Science-  This week,  we will explore pulley systems and determine the advantage of using one type of pulley system over another.  Investigation D will be assessed for Science, and students will respond to an article about Pulleys in their notebooks.

Homework Chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  Unit 5 Review  Home Link 6.1  Home Link 6.2
Writing  “Persuasion Is All Around You” worksheet  “Commercial Dig” worksheet- complete 4-8 comercials.
Social Studies/ Science  Social Studies worksheet  Pulleys article summary is due tomorrow
Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Reading Log Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Complete Reading Log READING LOG DUE TODAY!Read for a minimum of 30 minutes over the weekend.

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