August 2016

Letter of Introduction to Parents and Guardians

To: Parents of 314

From: Ms. Krecik

Dear Parents:

My name is Ms. Krecik and I will be your child’s 5th grade teacher. I am delighted to have your child in my class this year. I am looking forward to a very successful year and I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child, and I will do all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.

This is my ninth year teaching at Ray School. I have a bachelor’s degree in Dance and a Master’s degree in Education, both from Columbia College in Chicago, IL. As a result, expect your child to have an experience this year that is both creative and academically challenging.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming Miss Marissa Pfeiffer to our classroom this year as a full time co-teacher for 314.  Miss Pfeiffer will introduce herself to you in another entry on our blog.


Reader’s Workshop- DAILY 5

Through Reader’s Workshop your child will explore reading independently and through shared reading experiences. Your child will be required to keep a Reader’s Notebook. In it, your child will write me weekly letters about the book they are currently reading. The important weekly reading assessment will be graded using a rubric that each student will be given. This is an in-class assignment only. 

Additionally, we will be practicing many different reading skills throughout the year. These skills align with the Common Core State Standards and emphasize inference, visualization, vocabulary development, and summarizing. Each week we will learn and practice a new reading skill as a class.  Then, students will practice the skill throughout the week.   Finally, the students will show an understanding by practicing the same skill  independently for their Reading comprehension letters.  

The Reader’s Workshop framework consists of The Daily Five:

  • Read To Self
  • Work On Writing
  • Word Work
  • Listen To Reading
  • Read With Someone


Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups will begin in late September/early October. Guided Reading groups allow students to stretch and strengthen their reading abilities by reading text that is challenging to them in a group setting with my support. At least once a week, the groups will meet with me for guided reading assignments and assessment.

Reading Tic Tac Toe:   Each week students will be assigned 30 minutes of reading nightly.  In lieu of the traditional reading log, students must complete Reading comprehension work based on the chapter book they have chosen.  I cannot stress how important it is for students to select good fit boos (we cover this skill in class) and stick to the book until they are finished.  Students are expected to complete 25 on level chapter books by the end of fifth grade.  Their ability to do this will impact their grade.  Reading Tic Tac Toe work is due at the end of each week on Friday.

Book Recommendation:  Students are required to write a well-developed book recommendation each quarter.  This is considered a reading and writing grade, and will be assessed via a rubric.  Please refer to the rubric on the classroom blog for details.


Students will have math homework most evenings.  Please get involved in your child’s math learning by supplementing their learning with multiplication and division flash cards.  In addition, please use the resources that the math program, Everyday Mathematics offers online (  In addition, here is a great resource for math games that is divided up by Everyday Math units:

Most Fridays students will have a Checking Progress quiz that reviews the week’s objectives.  In addition, opportunities for extra credit are presented often on quizzes and tests.


Writer’s Workshop

Students are responsible for keeping a Writer’s journal. They will have homework writing assignments in their journals periodically. Writing journals will be assessed with a rubric.  Again, this rubric is available on the classroom blog.   The school year will focus on writing different types of essays, as well as developing our writers’ voices.



Our first unit, Measuring Time, will spark our scientific minds as we begin discussing how ancient civilizations keep track of time based on the sun, moon, and the seasons. As the unit progresses, we will track the sun and the moon and keep data on how to measure time based on these natural phenomena. Assessment for Science will be made by observing students and how they work in cooperative groups, students’ abilities to keep thorough notes on each investigation, reading supplemental handouts and answering question related to the handouts, and self-assessment rubrics.


Social Studies

This year, your student will learn about American History, beginning with the First Americans. We will explore the development of the nation, and discover the causes and effects of  the American Revolution.


Students WILL have meaningful homework nightly.   Please check that your child is writing his or her assignments down.  Additionally, please check my blog for homework assignments.   I do not accept late work for full credit. If an assignment is late, I will deduct credit on the assignment.I will accept late work three days past the due date.   If your student is absent from school, they can have up to five days to complete any missed assignments.  Assignments later than that will be considered late, and the appropriate credit will be deducted.

Contact:  My email is I check my email every morning. Feel free to contact me with any question you may have or to schedule a conference.  I am available most morning for conferences beteen the hours of 10-11 am.   You may also reach me throughout the day on ClassDojo.  ClassDojo is an online system that you’re your child’s progress throughout the school day, In addition, you can message me with any questions or concerns you have in a text messaging format.  Please sign up for ClassDojo as soon as you can to stay connected.  If you need to reach me in the event of an emergency, please contact the school.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays will be celebrated collectively the last Friday of every month.  It is CPS policy that if a snack is shared with the class, it must be a healthy snack for the whole class.  Suggestions are:

granola bars (no nuts)



carrot sticks

fruit snacks

Please refrain from any snack containing PEANUTS or TREE NUTS.  We have students with allergies.


Ms. Allison Krecik

Welcome Incoming Fifth Graders!

Dear Parents and Students,

We are so excited to begin this school year. I hope you are, as well. Please use the links above to gather your school supplies and learn a little about me. In addition, there is still time to brush up on your reading and math as you prepare your brain and body for Fifth grade.  Use the summer reading and math links above to work on reading and math work to sharpen your skills before you enter school on September 6.

More surprises are ahead. I can’t wait to meet you.

Ms. Krecik