August 2012

New Year, New Year! Exciting stuff!!!!!

August 31, 2012

To: Parents of 304
From: Ms. Krecik

Room 304

Dear Parents:

My name is Ms. Krecik, and I am delighted to be teaching 5th grade again.  This year is what I call  “training wheel year” for Middle School.  As a result, I will be looking to my students to become more self-reliant and responsible for their learning.  By the end of the year, I expect them to be ready to take on the added responsibilities of Middle School and beyond.


Reader’s Workshop- DAILY 5

Your child will be part of a dynamic literacy classroom. Through Reader’s
Workshop your child will explore reading independently and through shared reading
experiences. As a class, we will learn how to make good book choices on our own,
how readers think as they read, and how to talk to others in the class about our reading.
In addition, your child will be required to keep a Reader’s Notebook. In it, your child
will write weekly letters to me about the book they are currently reading. The grade for
the letters will be based on a rubric that each student will be given.  

Additionally, we will be practicing many different Reading Skills throughout the year.  Students will be expected to use these skills nightly during their independent reading time at home.

Accelerated Reader (AR): Students will be receiving their AR reading goals for first
quarter shortly. Students will receive a goal to meet each quarter, and they will be graded
on how close they get to reaching their goal. Please make sure that your child is reading
nightly, and reinforce their habits by reading with them!

Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups will begin in October. Guided Reading
groups allow students to stretch and strengthen their reading abilities by reading text
that is challenging to them in a group setting with my support. At least once a week, the
groups will meet with me for guided reading assignments and assessment.

Writer’s Workshop

Students are responsible for keeping a Writer’s journal. They will have homework
writing assignments in their journals weekly. Writing journals will be assessed with a rubric.  First,  students will begin working on personal timelines. From that, they will develop one of the timeline memories into a Personal Narrative essay.   I know that the best writing is that which comes from the heart. I hope that this will help open their eyes to the world around them as writers as we move into more writing projects in the future. As writers, we will explore many different styles of writing, as well as poetry. All writing assignment will be graded using a rubric.


Our first unit, Measuring Time, will explore  how ancient civilizations keep track of time based on the sun, moon, and the seasons.  As the unit progresses, we will track the sun and the moon and keep data on how to  measure time based on these natural phenomena. I know students will enjoy our future units as well. We will explore three other units this year: Micro-worlds Levers and Pulleys, and Solar Energy.  Students will be required to keep a Scientific notebook, and each investigation will be graded.

Social Studies

This year, your child will learn about American History, beginning with the First Americans. We will explore the development of the nation, and learn about the American Revolution. In addition, your child will be expected to produce a Current Events Report  each quarter. This assignment is a way to integrate critical thinking skills, writing, and media awareness. This assignment is graded by a rubric.

Homework (ALWAYS posted on the classroom blog)

Students WILL have homework nightly.  Please check that yourchild is writing his or her assignments  in their Agendas.  Additionally, please check my blog for homework assignments.   I do not accept late work for full credit. If an assignment is one day late, I will deduct credit on the assignment. If your student is absent from school,
they will have three days to complete any missed assignments.  Assignments later than three days will be considered late, and the appropriate credit will be deducted.

My email is I check my email every day. Please contact
me with any question you may have or to schedule a conference. If you need to reach me
in the event of an emergency, please contact the school and I will call you back as soon
as I am free.


Will you be attending the “Meet, Greet, and Find Your Seat” event?

Hello parents and future students,


Today was my first official day back at school, and it felt good to be back at Ray.  I called all of you and successfully spoke to many of you about attending Ray’s first annual Meet, Greet, and Find You Seat event.  It is happening this Friday, August 31 from 2-3:30 pm, and it gives you an opportunity to meet me, see the classroom, and drop off supplies for the school year.  Many of you mentioned that you did not receive a supply list.  Therefore, I wanted to post the list on our classroom blog so that you may have the next week to get the supplies your child needs to start the year successfully!


I look forward to meeting you and having a great year,

Ms. Krecik


5th Grade Supplies

12 #2 pencils

Pencil sharpener (with cover for shavings)

3 black erasable pens

1 pair scissors (metal not plastic)

12” ruler (standard and metric units)

Math compass (metal not plastic)

Protractor (clear plastic – not colored)

6 glue sticks or~2 bottles Elmer’s glue

2 black Permanent markers (Sharpie)

1 box fine tip colored markers

1 box colored pencils

Zippered supply bag

1 pack looseleaf writing paper

6~pocket folders (2 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 purple)

6~marble composition books

1” binder with pockets


Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

English/Spanish pocket dictionary

usb drive to save work on computers