ISAT Testing Schedule and reminders!!!


Our class would kindly accept donations of any kind for pre and post ISAT snacks.  There are 32 students in our classroom.  When possible, snack size bags would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Ms. Krecik

ISAT Schedule

Tuesday am– Reading Session 1:  30 multiple choice questions

Wednesday am Reading Session 2: 20 multiple choice questions, 1 extended response                                                 Wednesday pm Math Session 1: 40 multiple choice questions

Thursday am– Reading Session 3: 20 multiple choice questions, 1 extended response                                                    Thursday pm-  Math Session 2: 30 multiple choice questions, 3 short response questions

Friday – Math Session 3: 2 extended response questions

While we take the ISAT, it is essential that students arrive to school on time, well rested and well fed.   During the time that we take the ISAT, there will be no homework.

During non-ISAT time, we will be working on Name Mosaic art projects, viewing and responding to a documentary on Ancient civilizations, and working on other in-class assignments, if time permits.