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Room 314 Schedule

Room 314 Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-10:15 Math Math Math Math Math
10:15-10:45 Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
10:45-11:45 Music P.E. Art Library Spanish
11:45-12:00 Advisory-Read Aloud Advisory-Read Aloud Advisory-Read Aloud Advisory-Read Aloud Advisory-Read Aloud
12:00-12:50 Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess
12:50-1:50 Reader’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop
(2:45-3:15 P.E.)
1:50-2:45 Writer’s Workshop Writer’s Workshop Writer’s Workshop Writer’s Workshop Writer’s Workshop
2:45-3:45 Science-World Geography- Civics Science-World Geography- Civics Science-World Geography- Civics Science-World Geography- Civics Science-World Geography- Civics


Welcome the the 2014-2015 school year!

To: Parents of 314
From: Ms. Krecik

Dear Parents:

My name is Ms. Krecik, and I am delighted to be teaching 5th grade again.  This year is what I call “training wheel year” for Middle School.  As a result, I will be looking to my students to become more self-reliant and responsible for their learning.  By the end of the year, I expect them to be ready to take on the added responsibilities of Middle School and beyond.


Reader’s Workshop- DAILY 5

Through Reader’sWorkshop your child will explore reading independently and through shared reading experiences. Your child will be required to keep a Reader’s Notebook. In it, your child will write me weekly letters about the book they are currently reading. The grade for the letters will be based on a rubric that each student will be given.

Additionally, we will be practicing many different Reading Skills throughout the year. These skills align with the Common Core State Standards and emphasize inference, visualization, vocabulary development, and summarization.   Each week we will learn and practice a new reading skill as a class.  Then, students will use the skill the following week independently for their Reading comprehension letters.  Students will also be expected to practice these skills nightly during their independent reading time at home and record evidence of skills on their weekly Reading Log.

The Reader’s Workshop framework consists of The Daily Five:

  • Read To Self
  • Work On Writing
  • Word Work
  • Listen To Reading
  • Read With Someone

Accelerated Reader (AR): Students will be receiving their AR reading goals for first quarter shortly. Students will receive a goal to meet each quarter, and they will be graded on how close they get to the goal. Please make sure that your child is reading nightly, and reinforce their habits by reading with them!  A.R. accounts for 10% of their Reading grade.

Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups will begin in late September/early October. Guided Reading groups allow students to stretch and strengthen their reading abilities by reading text that is challenging to them in a group setting with my support. At least once a week, the groups will meet with me for guided reading assignments and assessment.

Writer’s Workshop

Students become better writers when they are writing.  That is what you can expect this year:  a lot of writing opportunities for your child.  Students are responsible for keeping a Writer’s journal. They will have homework writing assignments in their journals often. Writing journals will be assessed with a rubric with emphasis placed on organization, pride in work, and effort.

Students will learn how to write a variety of essays (Narrative, Persuasive, Expository, Memoir) as well as write fiction and poetry.  Rubrics will be used for grading purposes of each essay.  The Writing Process will be developed for each essay.

In the Spring we will explore poetry, both in the written art form, as well as the spoken word.  Students will be expected to perform an original poem to the class, as well as perform spoken word group poems.  This is one of my favorite parts of the year, as students come alive with poetry.


Students will have math homework most evenings.  Please get involved in your child’s math learning by supplementing their learning with multiplication and division flash cards.  In addition, please use the resources that the math program, Everyday Mathematics offers online (  In addition, here is a great resource for math games that is divided up by Everyday Math units:

Most Fridays students will have a Checking Progress quiz that reviews the week’s objectives.  In addition, opportunities for extra credit are presented often on quizzes and tests.


Our first unit, Measuring Time, will explore how ancient civilizations keep track of time based on the sun, moon, and the seasons.  We will track the sun and the moon and keep data on how to measure time based on these natural phenomena. I know students will enjoy our future units, as well. We will explore three other units this year: Micro-worlds Levers and Pulleys, and Solar Energy.  Students will be required to keep a Scientific notebook, and each investigation will be graded using a Rubric.

In the Spring we will have a 5th grade Science Project Fair.  This will help students ready themselves for future Science fairs in 6th grade and beyond.  Please expect more information about Science Fair in the future.

Social Studies

This year, your child will learn about American History, beginning with the First Americans. They will explore the development of the nation, and learn about the American Revolution.


Your child will also study government, civics, and current events this year.  Ms. Penney Jack will be teaching your child in this subject area.  This grade will be reflected as a Speaking grade on your report card.  Ms Jack may be reached at


Ms. Eleni Lemberis will be teaching Geography this year to all 5th graders.  This grade will count for 50% of the Social Studies grade.  You may reach Ms. Lemberis at


Homework (ALWAYS posted on the classroom blog)

Students WILL have meaningful homework almost nightly.  Homework will count for 10% of most subject grades.  Please check that your child is writing his or her assignments down.  Additionally, please check my blog for homework assignments.   I do not accept late work for full credit. If an assignment is one day late, I will deduct credit on the assignment. If your student is absent from school, they can have up to five days to complete any missed assignments.  Assignments later than that will be considered late, and the appropriate credit will be deducted.

My email is I check my email every day. Please contact
me with any question you may have or to schedule a conference.

School Lunch

Ray School is asking that all families complete the application for free or reduced lunch; even if your child brings lunch from home. This year all students will have free breakfast and lunch, however, all students MUST turn in a free/reduced lunch application no later than Friday, September 5, 2014.

 Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays will be celebrated collectively the last Friday of every month.  It is CPS policy that if a snack is shared with the class, it must be a healthy snack for the whole class.  Suggestions are:

granola bars



carrot sticks

fruit snacks

Please refrain from any snack containing PEANUTS.

Parent Volunteers

Please let me know if you would like to set up a schedule to work in the classroom.  There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.  If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or school, please complete a volunteer packet which is available in the Main Office.